Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just Smile

If people didn't mess up so much, we'd have nothing to talk about. Of course it's the way in which we talk about it that's so entertaining.

We have a long history of talking about things. From mystery cults to religious practices, we allegedly perfected rites and practiced over centuries to pierce through the illusory barrier of ordinary consciousness.

If you're looking to attain oneness with the entire universe - that gospel of universal harmony - you're not going to find it anywhere. If you go looking for it, the mere act of looking outside oneself means you've changed the equation, whereby we could always look to the field of quantum mathematics [right now we have mathematical formulations of quantum mechanics not quantum mathematics, somebody just needs to take the time to sit down and write it out, perhaps I ask my kids to work on this equation this year].

Now what was I saying? [Scrolls up to read last paragraph]...

No, that's it. There was nothing more to add. I think I summed it up nicely. If you're not sure what I read, feel free to reread that last passage.

If we look to the ancient Greeks [don't you just love authenticating back to the times of ancient Greece, makes you sound so smart], there are links to Greek religion and philosophy associated with altered states [?did you read my last post, The Notion of Humor]. So if humor's not your preferred altered state, you could always replace the experience with a nice cool beverage that contained rye ergot (Claviceps purpurea), a hallucinogenic fungus. Yep, that'd work. Hey, it worked for the Ancient Greeks who brought to us the "experience of totality" as they say.

If you want to know who said it, exactly, consider studying philosophy. In fact, if you like to laugh, you should really really consider taking a course in philosophy. I found it to be utterly hilarious. Plus, as an added bonus, you can write about anything and extract meaning for an entirely random idea. Try it. Take a book, any book, and replace the core noun with another concept. For example, replace the words associated with The Art of War with The Art of Humor in a way that keeps all the original words in the subtext of the sentence. See, easy peesy.

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