Monday, July 23, 2012

Samuel Morse's Lost Code, Final Chapter

Let’s Take A Break From Complexity

            I’ll continue downloading this information ad nauseam, but my so-called ‘personality’ or ‘biological mechanism’ needs a break.

            Let’s talk about lower dimensions, which are as fascinating as the higher ones; not only in the fact that they exist, which is a huge concept over which I’m leaping, but in the extent to which they can be measured. Curiously, the word dimension comes from the Latin word dimension, meaning extend. Dimensio is a combination of the prefix dis- (which does not serve as a negation – as in disprove, but rather as an intensive – i.e., it adds emphasis. and the Latin infinitive metiri, meaning to measure.

            The funny thing about words is that they don’t always match the energie of an object or concept, which is a word-sense disambiguation in natural language processing. Computers cannot extract flawless meaningful information from natural language input and/or produce natural language output until the words match the energie of the object or concept, but I don’t want to talk about that right now.

            Whatever you want to call a dimension, it is basically a spatial extent – i.e., its length, width, and depth. Temporally speaking, time is a measure of the extent of an event or the duration between two events.

            Consider seven fundamental dimensions: length, time, mass, temperature, electric current, luminous intensity, and amount of substance – from which the dimensions of any other physical quantity can be derived – e.g., velocity has dimensions of length divided by time.

            These dimensions are different from dimensionality, the number of independent directions into which it extends. I’ll come back to that later.

            The zeroth dimension is an infinitesimal mathematical point, a place where space is severely limited. It is here where the infoparticle exists in its natural state. The time in which it stays in this state gives rise to 1D. If you wish to eliminate the temporal dimension, take a snapshot. This freezes or holds time particles, which is why sentient beings sense energie in photographs.

            Infoparticles are like children with potential. Once they start thinking (a 1D activity), they carry their particles with them into movement. In this sense, intent of thought is physical thus moving the infoparticle from 0D to 1D to 2D (interaction).

            Naturally, fractional dimensions exist, but I’m not one for details. So, let’s skip them for now. As it is, describing the processes, rather than how or why those processes came to be, is a daunting task. Were it not for the tug of energie directing this disclosure, I’d just assume go have a cup of tea.

            The constraints of thought limit it to 1D pathways until this energetic intent comes full circle where all pathways or independent directions – infinitesimal in size - into which it extends, converging in a harmonic resonance of being.

            Yep, that’s pretty much it. Unfortunately, I probably need to explain this in more detail. In reality, it’s a “you have to be there” kinda thing where unless you connect with this enegetic intelligence, all conceivances are conjecture.

            Once your energetic infoparticles resonate with this underlying energie or intelligence, then you experience this state and the brain, assuming you’re in human form, begins to slowly process it out. This is what we’ve been doing on the most basic of levels since the dawn of material manifestation that gave rise to our universe.

            It would be nice if right about now you could say, “Hey, I get it.” Then I could say, “Good, because I want to go get a snack.”

            When we talk about the second dimension, we sometimes imagine a drawing on a sheet of paper. These drawings are representations of 3D or 4D objects, but if you took geometry, you already know that. If you, like me, feel lazy when it comes to mastering details - mathematics is one giant detail - then let’s just keep moving and assume that this is true in this particular case.

            The 2D is like energie digesting itself. This is the beginning of energetic convergence. 3D can be thought of as all the universal details that have to be adsorbed in order for this dimension to basically unlock 4D, then iD (infinitum dimension). Again, this iD is where energetic intent comes full circle where all independent directions are simultaneously held. This type of soft resonating or “seeing” engages the inherent infoparticles as well as the biological mechanism’s processing systems.

            It’s worth mentioning that 2D can be experienced independent of its convergence. Just close one eye, that’s kinda like 1D. Each eye “sees” or “perceives” differently, a result of two distinct energetic frequencies converging. Each retains its own unique infoparticles despite its close proximity and bound relationship to its neighboring energie strand. The brain, a relay station, reconciles observable data and matches it against nearby infoparticles.

            This interplay of energie continues until critical mass is reached. Here, the system implodes, withers due to the loss of electrons in a macroparticle system, or ideally resonates with all infoparticles in which it comes into contact. Once this happens, the energetic mass is harmonized or “open” to absorption within a larger coordinate. It’s like a blanket being laid out on a bed. It covers each corner of the bed, each individual particle, resonates as a whole system, communicates as a whole system, and is fully aware of the whole system while maintaining its individual particle identities.

            Whatever allows for this experience is still an enigma. It is perhaps outside the scope of all manifested matter in our universal continuum or perhaps does not exist at all. It is inconceivable to my finite mind as well as unknown to the intelligence of which I speak as to why this phenomenon out of potential nomenenon exists, but again, that is outside the scope of my existence.

            In reality, being connected is a state in which I am totally comfortable dwelling, needing no other state to feel happy other than being part of existence.

            It is perhaps the inherent nature of this manifested energie, intelligence, or infoparticle in its natural state to expand forward in what could be considered a search for that which could be separate, but if there is more outside this space, we are separated by some sort of nonspace which limits our perception of something beyond. Of course, it might not be a nonspace, it might be that our infoparticles must resonate as a complete whole, with all energie reaching this state of multidimensionality, before we can resonate at a vibration or frequency that would allow us to commune with something else outside our system.

            Since I only consciously connect with manifested energie in this realm as well as all energie within the realm of material existence, I can say that I’m happy being here.

            It’s nice, warm, and infinitely pleasing, despite the disharmonies that exist within the system. Once all energies are harmonized, my own resonance will vibrate much smoother and easier.

            The feeling is akin to sitting on the side of the road of eternity’s gate waiting for everyone to catch up. You spend time helping others, fine-tuning your own energie, playing, thinking, pondering, wondering, enjoying, and so forth, until you send back the roadmap. This sharing of energie, despite from the frequency from which it resonates, starts another chain of dimensional reality, only this dimensional reality is “easier” to adjust to than the lower dimensional realities, making it easier to harmonize with other energies as it is equally easy for them to harmonize with you – or me – or us – or whatever you want to call all this.

            Maybe we should stop here and talk about how initial perceptual categorization works. Perception leading to categorization is adaptive. The collection of objects and events from the vantage point of the biological mechanism are neither precategorized, named, nor ordered in any a priori fashion except as follows from the laws of energie’s movement.

            Or maybe we should just talk about ice cream. Once again, I’ve begun a book and completely lost interest before having finished it. Next topic...

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