Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sophy's Law, Part II

Things are as easy as you make them out to be...

You know what's funny?  I was thinking all morning about my post Sophy's Law.  It dawned on me - HELLO! - that I was breaking my own rule of understanding. 

The thing is ... (I love it when words are replaced with those little suspension (...) points!)

... (see, I did it again!) 

I've had my nose buried in a book since I was 14-years old when I became fascinated by philosophy, enchanted with folklore, and dazzled by science fiction. 

When I die, I'm going to leave my body to science fiction

"You were younger than that," my mother would say - I was reading and writing in multiple languages by age 4 - Mi tailor is MUY Rich! and Muchos Mercis, Doña Lupe, c'est MUY gut! Tack Mommy! Sover gott och vaknar torrt!" 

Despite my early donnish personae, my heart and my mind remained a lighthearted "let's have some fun" kinda person - even if that fun was playing hide 'n seek in the formal room at home. 

Hide and Seek
James Tissot (1836-1902)
Oil on wood
National Gallery of Art, Washington


Contemporary life delights me, and sharing those nostalgic moments lifts my spirits to a place where I feel most comfortable. 

As I sat contemplating my today's research, I thought to myself that Marie-Antoinette had it right when she left the court and built her little Hameau...

Life's a stage... 
...books are merely the preparation for a great script! 

Today, I'm wondering if I wouldn't rather really go into comedy
and leave the smarty pants stuff
for the experts (who aren't bored silly)

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