Sunday, July 22, 2012

The BS of Viewpoints

Everybody's got a(n).... opinion

Like other phenomena related to popular culture, humor has an opportunity if not an obligation to debunk BS with all its conceptual analytic tools. There are many philosophical questions raised by the meaning of humor and why we laugh, and what benefits, if any, are associated with humor's medicinal, religious ceremonial or sacramental nature...not to mention that it's fun and purely recreational to think about (humor, that is). 

What is it to lighten-up? Is it morally wrong to laugh in public? Is it morally wrong for stuffed shirts to discourage laughter and humor in schools? Can humor help us understand the psychological, phenomenological, ethical, and social implications of laughing? Can laughing, as some laughers believe, constitute an ally in artistic creativity or int he philosophical pursuit of wisdom? 

The posts collected in this blog are intended to provide a humorous look at the problems of BS. The reader should expect many kinds of post, not always in harmony. It is an essential component of any sincere undertaking to collect conflicting arguments relevant to a topic, and to sort through all carefully and critically, looking for enlightenment in spite of disagreements among the experts. 

We should no more anticipate consensus between writers with philanthropic interests reflecting on the nature, cognitive effects, and moral and legal obligations of advancing cultured thought and action into perpetuity than we would in any other field. Therein lies the humorous intrigue and whatever humorous insight we can reasonably hope to attain about this popular and increasingly appreciated but socially still confusing concept, i.e, humor, in case you've forgotten what we're talking about here. I know I myself had to scroll back up to the beginning of my sentence to remember what I was trying to say. 

I am grateful to the world for providing me with an abundance of material from which I can drink and derive my theories. 

And a special SHOUT OUT to all my Facebook friends for their encouragement, and for sharing with me all their valuable anecdotal perspectives on the vagaries of litening- vs. lightening-up.  

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