Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nietzsche Walks into the Vatican

Nietzsche: If Saint Peter holds up the Vatican, what holds up St. Peter?

The PopeSt. Peter stands on Jesus' shoulders. 

Nietzsche: What what does Jesus stand on? 

The Pope: God's testimony. 

Nietzsche: On what is God's testimony based? 

The Pope: My dear Nietzsche, it's God all the way down! 

Come for the wine,
Stay for the punchline...

Nietzsche walks into a Vatican promising to delight the hierarchy of truths with a stand-up comedy routine when he's stopped by a Swiss Guard.

"What's your business with the Papa?" Asks the Guard.

"I was invited here to perform a stand-up comedy routine...
About man's relationship to God...
It's called:

The Last Act

"Name kinda sticks with you, huh?" 
Says Nietzsche, high-fiving the guard. 

The guard checks the register, and sure enough, Nietzsche's on the list. 

A couple hours later...

If you're looking for the creator of man, of time and space, and of the world, look no further. 

We've finally found ourselves. 

What's this? asks a Cardinal. 

You're not suggesting that we are God?

Nietzsche pauses for a moment, then without skipping a beat, shouts: 

"Hey, who's that guy standing behind the Creator over there?" 

And everybody looked. 

"Where?" they asked. "We don't see anything." 

Nietzsche, continues and says:
If God is the Creator of the Universe, 
How come you looked to see who was standing behind him? 

I'll be here all night, 
don't forget to tip your waitress...


Anonymous said...

This is sooooooooo naughty!
Keep up the great work, Dr. Laughing!

Soph Laugh said...

Define naughty.


Thanks & Muchos Mercis!