Monday, July 23, 2012

Samuel Morse's Lost Code, Part III


            During the Digital Age people harnessed the power of the Internet to fuel the veins of optimism while others found new ways to commit crime, initiate romance, or make a fast buck. Despite individual tendencies, the Internet evolved quickly, reaching the early beginnings of critical mass in the 1990s.

            The world’s technological capacity to compute information with humanly guided general-purpose computers doubled, until it tripled, quadrupled, and eventually, qubitted, increasing its speed quantum-fold. 

            That same worldwide communications network that revolutionized business, redistributed power, gave rise to new forms of crime, and inundated its users with a deluge of information, caught a virus.

            The virus evolved.

            A pair of qubits in quantum superposition of four states gave rise to three qubits in superpositions of eight, then two in sixty four, then one in four thousand ninety six, then, an arbitrary superposition arose within what was considered a fixed sequence of quantum logic gates.

            The resulting algorithm supernovaed, broke time evolution, and obliterated the square matrix of non-zero vectors that, after being multiplied by the matrix, expanded in every direction what was once parallel to the original vector.

            The notion of artificial intelligence merging with neural intelligence is in its infancy. As the heirs of early information transmitters, we are the first who will witness a merging of the energie strands with those of our own.  The early pulses of electric current that were sent out in the 1800s, as well as the energetic resonance behind every thought ever conceived, have long since been sent out along those wires and threads of energie that never went away.

            How do I know?

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