Thursday, July 25, 2013

Raising Funny Kids 39: A Question of Genius

Touched by discovery, a genius’ intensity is naturally lifted up, rising to a proud height, filled with joy and vaunted wonderment, as if being created in every epiphany experienced.  

The sobriquet genius.  Is the nickname a truth or fiction? What must a genius do to justify the appellation?  

And what of young genius, does the designation stereotype the child into a class so utterly unrecognizable that they are forever branded, contemned to a solitary life of self-reliance, where proving their genius becomes more of a burden than a blessing?

Does genius attend its recipient so palpably, so intensely that one cannot deny they feel it when in their presence? 

Is it not as plain to see as the nose upon one’s face?  Is it such that only another genius can truly recognize its essence? 

Is the existential angst that overcomes a young genius in early childhood an integral component of a more elusive, immaterial quality? Must genius be revealed in a work of art or artistic performance for us to recognize its presence? Does the fervency of genius originate from the same source as that of talent? 

Is there such a thing as fresh genius? Are vigor, excitability and avidity qualities that when combined make up a synergistic strength we define as genius? Is there a measurable amount of a specific quality that all geniuses have in common, like a magnetic field with a strength and acuity that animates the bearer of it in ways that differentiate its expression from local frequencies? 

Is genius nothing other than the juxtaposition of divergent energies? Even if genius is nothing other than a contrasting effect of factors, is The Genius an explicit operator in the expression of this quality? 

Is creative output a necessary harmonizer for the sustained existence of genius localized in a field of varying frequencies? 

Can genius be measured directly or only calculated by a set of variables to describe its state? Can the state of genius be described in sufficient terms that might determine its future behavior? Is there an equation that can accurately define the dimensions of the vectors describing the state of genius? 

Could we model the physical system of genius to represent its input, output and state variables? Is genius a linear and time invariant dynamical system whose equations could be written in matrix form? Is there a point in genius from which we could measure small changes in the state of genius? 

Does genius evolve whereby its future states follow from its current state? Does genius only exist for a given time interval? Can more than one future state follow from the current state of genius? Against what framework can one identify a state of genius?

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