Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cannabis and Facebook

Facebook is an iCon of an ePoch while Cannabis is...


This giddy LOL, poignant or languid by turns, this uneasy "Like", this "Retweet", this permutation of the "What, no one commented on my post?", that generally lasts but for a short time. 

Soon the links that bind your URLs become so frail, the treat that ties your conceptions so tenuous, that only your "FRIENDS WITHOUT ACQUAINTANCES" understand you. 

And here again you cannot be completely certain; perhaps they only think they understand you, and the illusion is reciprocal. 

These outbursts of loud LMAOs and THUMBS DOWN on YouTube videos, which resemble Grand Theft Auto explosions, seem like true madness, or at least the ravings of The Occupy Movement to all those who are not actually protesting but rather posting pictures of Occupy protests on their Facebook Walls, while tagging 142 friends. 

Likewise will wisdom, good humor, and the logical thoughts of the non-stoned, prudent observer, delight and amuse you like a particular form of dementia. 

BTW, aren't these lovely?

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