Saturday, July 6, 2013

JP Morgan's Genius Challenge

The Genius Challenge is about how you can awaken genius in yourself and others to foster a truly extraordinary life. It’s about the practices geniuses use to transform values and principles into sustainable actions, dreams and visions into realities, challenges and obstacles into innovative thinking, separation into solidarity, and experiments into rewards. Genius is many things, however, tapping into the practical benefits of genius creates a climate in which people of all ages can turn even the most difficult challenges into opportunities to achieve their goals and their dreams.

      In today’s extraordinarily fast-paced technological climate, the challenges and the speed at which we need to operate are increasing exponentially. New fandangeled gadgets like dishwashers and washing machines will allow housewives everywhere to put their feet up and enjoy a cocktail with their husband while the amazing new appliance does all their domestic chores. 

1930s: GE Monitor Stovetop

1940s: GE Swivel-Top Vacuum Cleaner

1950s: GE Refrigerator and Freezer

The idea that technology will free us from the mundane aspects of daily living, leaving us with an abundance of time to play bridge, catch up with friends and family, pursue hobbies, and even take a much-needed nap, is EXACTLY what what we're selling at General Electric; but, that’s not all. The devices we create will do all your work so you can slow down and smell the roses. 

      Time, as we all know, can be our friend or foe, depending on how we treat it. Treating time as you would a respected elder is one of the secrets of unleashing the practical aspect genius. Some might say that time management is not genius at all, but rather a learned skill or an aspect of what we so fondly refer to as “common sense.”

Adorning the General Electric building at 570 Lexington Avenue. Completed in 1931, the 50-story building was originally meant to be the headquarters for RCA, but GE moved in a few years later, making some design changes - including turning what was supposed to be a globe into an electric bolt running through this very unique clock.

      Call it what you like, managing genius is an aspect of living as a genius. No matter how talented, skilled, or smart you are, if you do not manage your time (and geniuses) well, you will not unleash your potential; your brilliance and contribution to the history of humanity will go unnoticed and undone. This is a waste of genius.

      Tapping into your genius means tapping into your potential to profoundly change the world in which we (make money off of how you) live, work and play.

1920s: GE 12" Oscillating Table Fan

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