Sunday, May 1, 2016

Secret Body Image Formula

The ever-so-determined Humorologist, Dr. Laughing, has recently, with the help of a few hundred social media friends, created the world's first Body Image Secret Formula, the now redefining trending, 

A x B = P

Never before have funnier more profound words been shared with the general public. Except, for maybe, all the other seriously funny stuff out there. But to find any of it, you'll have to pull out your microscope and jr. detective kit to search for the elusive dust bunny tribe ... "keepers of all the really good stuff" ... remember when her Honey, Shrunk the kids? It's kinda like that. 

The BEST PART about Soph's humble discovery is that it inspired people EVERYWHERE to sit back and philosophize about it. They thought to themselves, 

"Okay, let's do this thing! 
Let's prove her wrong!" 

And you know what?

They did!

They thought of something that made them laugh. 
But then, Suddenly!
Something happened ... 
They took in a deep breath.
And when they let it out.
Their feeling good vibes were all a flutter!

Blasted Watermelons! 

I feel too good to be bothered with nonsense. I'll have to wait for this lighthearted moment to pass. In the meantime, I just caught my image in the mirror and thought, 

Oh Mighty Isis, 
I look good! 

And there you have it. The world proved the theory right. And rejoiced were all those little bears who like to prove theories right, for those little curmudgeons who secretly think they have proven some pretty mind blowing theories right, and for the rest, who are still wondering about it all ... 

You know where you stand.

Stand tall!

Or here, 
Please sit, 
if that's more comfortable.

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