Friday, March 21, 2014

How to Dislodge a Yummy Piece of Candy from a Stick in 5 Easy Steps

by Bo Erik Hollsten

1     Evaluate whether or not you like the piece of candy to determine if it is worth the effort invested to undertake a candy dislodging activity.

2     If the candy is coated with insects, you may wish to avoid dislodging the candy unless you enjoy eating candy coated insects. 

3     If there are any power lines nearby or touching the stick, call the local power company to have the stick with the candy on top of it removed safely. 

4     If there is another blob person trying to reach the candy on top of the stick, you should either challenge them to a showdown, steal the candy, or offer help to the other to blob person to obtain the candy and then split it. 

4.5  In the event you opted for the latter option (above), have the other blob person lean on the stick and push it forward so that the stick bows downward where the candy can be plucked off the stick. You can now enjoy the candy with your new blob friend. 

5    In the event there are no other blob people around when you find the candy, use your hand to gently pull the stick toward you. Be careful not to pull the stick too far, otherwise you risk launching the candy off the stick in the opposite direction. You can now pluck the candy from the stick and enjoy your yummy treat.


Norman Copeland said...

Thought the photographs would prove it...

Soph Laugh said...

that's like posting a picture of duck a l'orange, and expecting people to know how to prepare it. lol

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but without words, we wouldn't be able to answer people's questions when they ask, "What does this mean?"