Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Funniest Blog on the Internet

Welcome to my humor project!. This is my personal effort to build the funniest blog in the world. Making this the funniest blog in the world requires a lot of energy and motivation to continue the work and reach the goal. So I need your help to build this as the funniest place on earth. Your funny stories and photos will make a lot of people happier.
To make this blog work, please consider yourself a role model and give yourself an interview.
  • Please provide a nickname unless your want people to know your real name.
  • Please provide one (500×400 pixels or larger) great photo of you smiling or laughing.
  • Answer the following 5 questions in ENGLISH only, including 4 links that you want this blog to link to. Please limit your answers to 200 – 400 words.
1. Something about you and your blogs/sites.
2. What was so funny that made you smile in the photo.
3. How does laughing affect you?
4. What is the secret of your great sense of humor?
5. What funny suggestions do you recommend for people to  develop their own sense of humor and be happy?
  • Send your photo, answers and links to me at (note the letter "L" between Soph and Y). 
  • Subscribe to the RSS FEED in your favorite readers or E-Mail. So you can be notified when your story is posted.
What will you get with your submission of funnyness?
  • Your photo will be either post unchanged or enhanced.
  • Your links will be included in the blog post as quality backlinks.
  • Your story will be read by many people who like to laugh and be happy.
  • You can get a 125×125 “I Made Sophy Laugh” badge linking to your post. So you can post the badge on your sites.

  • Depends on the quantity of submissions I receive and time I have to process all entries. There may be some delay. Please be patient. We are making a funny place, so don’t get mad if your submissions do not make my day.
  • By submitting your photo to this blog, you are granting this blog the permission to use your story freely on this blog and the RSS feed.
  • By submitting your photos and story, you are granting this blog rights to make modification on the photo and story you provide.
  • By submitting your photos and stories, you acknowledge that you own the copyrights of the content. You understand that all content you provided are legal.
  • You understand that it’s difficult to support the funniest blog in the world. Your donations are welcome. 
  • You understand that your privacy is the highest priority. Your email will not be released in anyway.
I want to keep this place a funny place. Your photos and stories will be rejected, if they violate any one of the followings.
  • The photos, stories or links contain any non-family friendly information will be rejected.
  • Anything related to porn, drug, weapon, Illegal, gun and things associated with negativity will be rejected.
  • Unlicensed photos or commercial photos will be removed.
  • No redirect link or affiliate links are allowed.
  • Spamming
Are you ready to make my readers laugh? Submit your photo and answers to  today.

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