Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Holy Cow... The Universe is HUGE

In the absence of any evidence that the humorous state exists independent of the mind's other states, we could be forgiven for taking claims of having experienced first hand such phenomena as laughing to be delusional.

Sure, we could just assume that people who are laughing are faking. In fact, we could rationalize their behavior and claim that they were laughing to cover up deeper feelings of anxiety associated with the sense of inadequacy. We could literally have a field day insulting someone in the name of humor and label it humor [Freud]. The same could perhaps be said of every other claim mankind has ever made about the notion of the "real world".

Although some advocates of humor state that the act of laughing can induce the feeling that "all is one," it is doubtful that anyone could literally experience a real "loss of ego" or "fusion," as there is still an ego saying -

Holy Cow! The universe is HUGE! 

The division of subject (me, on Earth, for example) and object (look at all those planets and starts, I feel so small now, like a nanograin of sand in an infinite desert) is built into the very concept of experience, regardless of how we "feel" in an altered state, i.e., the humorous state

Humorous experiences inspire a dualist view: people who are laughing feel that their raise their vibrations to a point where they feel closer to other people with whom they're sharing a laugh. 

In this sense, laughter gives us the sensation of "being one" from a previously "separate" vantage point. The feeling of "oneness" could then be associated with the universe growing up, i.e., the act of expansion or a continuous flow in harmony with neighboring frequencies

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