Tuesday, March 24, 2015

4-Year Anniversary Post

I wrote my first blog post on 17 April 2011. In it I vowed to explore my own thoughts, and to my best ability, accept them as if they were a scientific fact. I then promised to follow each truth as revealed by my own discovery.

Not exactly what one would expect to read when visiting a blog on humor. On the contrary it sounds like the beginning of a personal odyssey.

In my 1-Year Anniversary Post I said,
It is my hope that (this blog) is not a static collection of components; each post is unique, ever-changing and exquisitely sensitive to "not" propagate negativity. 
I also said that it had been my goal to write something positive every day and to enjoy myself and have fun.

Two years later and hundreds of articles on humor
(my accountant frequently reverses numbers, he might instead say: "Two hundred years later and two articles on humor")
...the most popular post from all my blogging effort (nearly 500 articles at that time) was something that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with humor: Minecraft Lesson Plans.

I thought that was hilarious.

In my third year anniversary post, I wasn't thinking about humor or my blog, I was simply contemplating artistic creation.

While most intellectuals tend toward written or verbal discourse to convey the information they have digested, some intellectuals, with an aesthetic bent, tend toward artworks to convey deeper sentiments. 

It is not that these thoughts are new, but rather that each new thought experience, even on the same topic, produces new, ever-evolving ideas.

If I chose to never write another word again.... I could just draw and paint pictures and still have the same sensory experiences my brain is producing by writing. 

In 2011 I wrote 328 articles. In 2012 I jumped elbow first into humor studies and wrote 553 articles. Come 2013, questioning how best to explore my own thoughts, I wrote 230 articles. In the same year I produced nearly 100 original artworks. Come 2014, only 140 articles were shared. Here are a few:

This article made me laugh


So, what has 2015 brought for Readers of Sophy "softly" Laughing turned HTTF (Happy Thoughts Travel Fast) ?? ... 

A whopping 27 articles and a some doodles... 

It looks like the rest of the articles were simply a case of my mind entertaining itself with no regard for audience nor theme. In this sense one might refer to my writing and to my artworks as abstract expressionism. 

I would like to think that there is movement and flow, both through the ideas I convey as well as with lines and colors I utilize. One article after another like one paint layer after another gradually builds up over days and months and years; my articles cycle through a myriad of general topics, all of which make me smile in some way or another; my Beautiful Heads do not refine the human form but instead show silhouettes, a general idea of form. 

Whether I write an article, draw a picture, or animate a piece of magical bouncing chewing gum, the end result for me is entertainment. No doubt we can learn much about a person by knowing what makes them laugh. Even if we do not know why they are laughing, their laughter inspires us to launch an exploration into what makes us laugh. In all actuality I cannot think of anything funnier than to figure out what makes me laugh. Knowing that any of my kooky explorations might cause someone else to laugh is simply icing on my petit four. 

The happy accidents like in Paint Dancing are symbolic of how I let my paintbrush float across the canvas until an image comes to mind, upon which I elucidate or paint until I feel as if I am done. Notably this approach is not unlike that of Jackson Pollock's, though the resulting product is uniquely my own.  

Over time my blog has changed in product, but the general principles upon which the blog was begun are as relevant today as they were when I first began writing: to have fun. 

Readers who have remained since 2011, I thank you. I applaud your patience and your immense sense of humor which keeps you returning to a blog whose articles do not merely explore humor theories, but rather, act them out. 

What any one person considers "funny" is highly subjective. Thus what makes me laugh, will not always make others laugh - and visa versa. Humor is something that happens in the moment. It is a combination of the little nuances that when juxtaposed fit nicely, ironically, or even oddly together ... causing a physical reaction resembling a baa, baa, ha, ha ... 

Laughing Flock

Few would initially recognize my last article, The Depth Immense of Endless Gratitude, as being funny. 

However continue reading ...

And you might wind up asking yourself if this whole enterprise hasn't instead been one delightful petit four of a imaginative projection into the many random thoughts of other persons ...
for vicarious capture of its emotional and motivational qualities. 

In other words, four years later my blog has explored numerous thoughts, images, and concepts that make me - and sometimes others - laugh while remaining ever so statically-moving toward staying in the same place ...  

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