Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Ridiculous Side of Life

The purpose of life (notice, I didn't say meaning) is to to have fun. Laughing about something funny that happens in life basically suspends moral sense. Laughing delivers us from the world of selves, of time, of moral judgments and utilitarian considerations. 

Basically, you end up seeing the ridiculous side of the things we do to occupy our minds. There's no real reason for doing anything in particular if you discount doing things that avoid pain while simultaneously acting in a way that will enhance the experiences of comfort and enjoyment.

Once you think this way, you're often surprised by the thoughts you were previously prepared to act and suffer, thoughts you now probably consider profoundly uninteresting. 

Knowing that our brains work in this fashion makes thinking about anything inherently funny in the sense that that's what little brains do. 

Highly learned researchers are ready for inspiration when it comes to them, whether when wide awake, half-asleep, or rolling on the floor with laughter.
Laughing induces a radical distortion in cognitive processing, kinda like how meditation alters one's rational state. No matter what state in which you dwell, visionary potential is limited to that state, which can only result in a philosophy of that state of being. The fruit of systematic intellectual labor then gets you from A to B with the corresponding insight:
Knowledge = Mysticism 
same difference

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