Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2-Year Anniversary Post

According to Blogger Stats
(This post marks my 1000th post!)

My son asked me to write an article on his favorite video game. 

A Whopping 146,902 Pageviews later... relating Minecraft to Game Theory is clearly far more interesting to Internet users than any article I've ever written on the subject of humor. The irony of this not only makes this my most popular article, but my funniest!

"I'm very excited to announce that I have just arrived back from the North Pole in my time machine," begins my article, Occupy Christmas

Coming in at 20,028 Pageviews, it is clear that many people enjoy lighthearted, sentimental humor during the holidays.

While the first article on Raising Funny Kids received 15,210 Pageviews, the collective series - some 37 articles - has received 32,901 Pageviews.

Coming in at 12,987 Pageviews, Positive Thought Experiments clearly shows that others feel the same way as I do on this subject. Here's an excerpt: 

What matters to me is joy and happiness. What I value the most is love and sincerity. I do not get bored with positivity. I share it with friends, family, and colleagues. I share smiles with people I pass or meet on the street. I enjoy the challenge of finding that energie strand that when present, brings pleasure and goodwill. I only have one thought at a time (not counting the many commercial thinking breaks) and I want to make it a good one. 

Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday...

Coming in at 11,843 Pageviews... My interest Stick Figures began with this article. 

Coming in at 11,254 Pageviews is The Calzone, which offers these exciting benefits:

A Dietary Road Map to 

✓ Build a bigger, more impressive gut
✓ Add jiggle to your upper arms and thighs
✓ Expand your buttock volume by up to 300%
✓ Increase your clothing size
✓ Develop exciting new chins

Coming in at 10,268 Pageviews is Etch-A-Sketch Art.

With electronic devices taking over the toy market, a number of kids today have never heard of the Etch A Sketch. However, if you're a bit nostalgic for this bygone era, this article will take you back through the early history of one of the most popular toys in history. 

Coming in at 10,128 Pageviews is a classic on Charlie Brown... and, of course, his dog, Snoopy! 

An excerpt from the article: 

Imagination is a gift. It's our mind's ability to be creative and resourceful, to imagine something and then make it happen. 

Coming in at 9,531 Pageviews, is another nostalgic post for a bygone era: The 80s. 

Nostalgia is like "hypochrondria of the heart" ... from a passing ailment to an incurable modern condition. 

Who of us born in the 70s - who hit the throws of adolescence in the 80s - could not look at these images without the distinctly warm feeling that accompanies a romp through our memories?

Coming in at 9,204 Pageviews, to my delight, is an article on comics...

My good friend, Darleen, and her daughter, Danielle, first introduced me to the "Zits" comic series, and I've been a fan ever since. 

"The fools who enjoy comics see things realistically but their ironic fate is that they are not taken seriously." ~Adapted from what Arthur Asa Berger said about Shakespeare's fools - replacing "fools in Shakespeare's plays" with "fools who enjoy comics". 

Little did I realize at the time I began writing this blog that the sheer number of comics I'd include to convey my thoughts and theories on humor would lead me back to comics (Sophy Laughing Comics, Fine Art Comics and Philosophical Comics). 

Just as those living on the Subcontinent of India are equally delighted and surprised by the presence of a White Elephant, so too are those who explore the depths of humor - for humor is the most pleasant way to notice a White Elephant in the room, especially our own. 


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