Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sophy "softly" Laughing 1-Year Anniversary

Sophy "softly" Laughing humor studies blog (i.e., this blog) is made up of many parts. Each has a specific function: to spread positive humor throughout the noosphere (i.e., internet); to process humor theories; to practice writing humorously; to explore the healing power of humor.

It is my hope that Sophly Laughing is not a static collection of components: each post is unique, ever-changing and exquisitely sensitive to "not" propagating negativity.

Some series herein, like Raising Funny Kids and 40 Pieces of the Happiness Puzzle are intended to explore interdependent functions within the realm of "lightening up."

It has been my goal to write something positive every day as a demonstration of my commitment to exploring humor studies with an audience as well just enjoying myself and having fun.

I love humor because laughing cracks me up!  Those who know me best, know that good humor, optimism, positivity, and laughter are my favorite expressions in life. It's not that I can't get serious with the best of them, but I am of the sincere belief that we can heal the world with positivity and kindness.

Good humor brings out my "happy side" whereas clever or witty humor brings out what my mother used to call "that little stinker" in me who loves to joke around.

Wherever humor comes from or for whatever reasons we laugh, it is my belief that humor, as well as a positive outlook, is available for the choosing.

Humor is this mysterious oscillation that swings on a trapeze between two extremes of opinion. Irrespective of its magnitude or position, humor regularly returns to a place around a central point: happiness.

Perhaps it is because humor is an innate intention toward connecting with others (or the host environment).

Humor is bound together in a dynamic exchange of laughter, smiles, and giggles. What's funny for some might be different for others, but one thing is parallel: Laughter is a universal language that represents all things good.

A special thanks to my followers and supporters for all the inspiring, funny and heartfelt messages you've sent me over the last year. I'm honored and happy to know that my exploration of all things funny has been thought-provokingly funny for you, too.

Over the last 365 days, I have posted 567 times and as of this very moment, I have had 161,141 visitors from over 150 countries around the globe.

My friends have asked me which post is my favorite... and while that's a tough question to answer, I'd have to say that my Welcome - Promise post is my favorite because I kept my promise to myself.

For those of you who like statistics and stuff like that, here's some statistics on what 1-year of humor blogging has produced.

For those of you who are visual learners, I made this very kewl analysis of my blog in Excel to demonstrate the goals of this blog in terms of learning about and exploring humor (from the user's perspective) and the corresponding blog content or features I have included in an attempt to meet that demand. Mostly I created this fancy chart because I like charts as much as I like finding my way without a compass.

(click to enlarge)

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Dr. Lee Martin said...

Congratulations on a most-impressive year, Dr. Laughing!
You're a virtual star!
Keep on shining!!!
Thanks for all of the smiles and laughs and great vibes!