Monday, September 10, 2012

Information Diet

We are constantly bombarded with information. It isn't really an overload problem, though, it's more of a filtering problem. In exercising my own behavioral filters, I decided to... hold onto you iPhones for this one... close my Facebook account! 

Much like food diets, I have decided to restrict my brain to minimal bites (of knowledge)... that keep my brain optimally processing whilst filtering out the unneeded or unnecessary. In this sense, I now have time to finally work on that book I've been talking about... 

In addition to having more time to work on my book, I have more leisure time to explore random gif files on the internet to post here in my blog, which I'm hoping my regular readers (does such a thing exist? Are there regular readers of SophlyLaughing?) appreciate. 

I also have more time to seek out valuable data charts to share with family members (grandpa), which will help me bridge the generational gap whilst demonstrating my understanding of the difficulties he encountered when going to school (or the library) in "the good old days". 

If you're feeling sick due to a faulty informational filtering system (otherwise called information overload), counting data calories might be an option for you.

Go on an Information Diet today... you never know what you'll discover when you eliminate unnecessary knowledge.


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