Saturday, October 20, 2012

Laugh-At-Life Humor


"Here, kitty, kitty." 

"I don't take myself too seriously."  
Is the motto for these types of people.

When bad things happen, this type of person most likely takes a deep breath and looks for the irony, absurdity, or humor in a situation - and then laughs about it. These types of people don't necessarily need an audience to enjoy humor; they can laugh at annoying or ridiculous things all by themselves. Most people like to be around these naturally humorous types of individuals because of their lighthearted disposition. 

Unexpectedly Funny 
Life can be unexpectedly funny, if you allow it to be.  

Bil Keane 
Family Circus creator  

The Meaning of Life 
Whatever You Want It To Be 

A Stick Figure's Life 
Day in the life of a Stick Figure 

Life is Fun 
Incorporate more fun into life 

Breaking Up With Stress 
Life's too short to be in a bad relationship

Vita Alto's Political Survival Advice for Mitt Romney 
Politics can be a bit ... tricky 

Laughter is a Rainbow of Feelings 
The peak of the mountain top of felt vitality 

Tis the Season to Laugh 
Laughing makes us human 

Eckhart Tolle Humor 
"Life isn't as serious as the mind makes it out to be."  

Forever Young 
Results may vary

Angry Bird Report
  Happy Management 

Fight or Flight or Plight  
The SEP Theory of Humor

Sharing Humor 
I just need to! 

Sophy's FUNsational Inner Daycare 
Step right in!  

The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network
  We care about YOU!

Inflexibility is the Hallmark of The Tiny Mind 
"That's just what little brains do..."
The Quiet Side of Comedy 
Even if a heart has a Band-Aid, it's still a heart 

Bicycle Wisdom 
Vroom, Vroom, Vrooooommmmm!

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