Monday, October 15, 2012

Of the Things of Which We May Laugh V

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         Though this be true, I must nevertheless here consider that I am Sophy, and that, consequently I am in the habit of ingesting excessive amounts of caffeine, sleeping, and representing to myself in dreams those same things, or even sometimes others less probable, which a humorous person keeps in mind in the event one occurs – this way, you’re poised to laugh. How many times have I dreamt that I was laughing and dancing with all my friends, who were all dressed rather extravagantly, when I was instead lying in bed floating on luxurious Egyptian sheets?  At present moment, however, I certainly look funny sitting here with this laptop draped across my lap, boots up on the bed, tea by my side, with eyes wide awake; I type with purpose (or lack thereof); I extend my fingers consciously and with express purpose; and I perceive it; the occurrences in sleep are not so distinct as all of this. Still I cannot forget that, at other times I have been deceived in sleep by similar ridiculous illusions; and, attentively considering those cases, I perceive so clearly that there exist no certain marks by which the state of laughing can ever be distinguished sleep, that I feel greatly entertained and astonished; and in amazement I almost persuade myself that I am now dreaming that I am laughing. 

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