Friday, October 5, 2012

The Person Who Wrote This

Technology's intriguing. 
Science fiction is exciting. 
Drama's enticing. 
Cake is better with icing. 

Soph Laugh

Home is a French bakery. 

The Person Who Wrote This...

likes tech cakes

and Doctor Sheldon Cooper

and Jim Parsons

and The Singularity

and Singing

and the Evolution of Dance on YouTube

and John Branyan's
Shakespeare's Three Pigs

and Jonnie W.
for brining back memories of going to Sunday School with my Grandmommy
where I got blisters from patten leather shoes...
and learned of God's dislike of lambs.

Which reminds me,

I get asked this question a lot...

What is your Religion? 


...and cereal

and The Escher Coke

and other stuff I make up

and playing chess at grandpa's cabin on the lake

and horseback riding in the summer

and Road Trips

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