Monday, October 29, 2012

The Future Eye Phone

The new iEye Phone is a smartlens placed on the eye. The iEye Phone runes on ApplePie's iCU mobile operating system, originally named "iPeek-A-Boo". iEye Phone lenses are considered techimedical devices and can be worn to interface with an individual's conscious focus (take photos and videos, send and receive text messages, browse the web for related information on visual objects, and receive visual voice mail).

People choose to wear iEye Phone lenses for many reasons. Instant access to and the capturing of data are the top two motivating factors for people who like to avoid carrying mobile devices or who like to expand their knowledge of the world without investing the traditional time it takes to research such matters.

Other people wear iEye Phones for more visual reasons; capturing visual images, which can instantly  be edited, modified, or enhanced. This allows people to visualize the world in much the same way that the technological software programs of the 21st century has presented it. 

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