Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Laughter is a Rainbow of Feelings

Laughter emerges from a rainbow of feelings. It is the peak of the mountain top of felt vitality. Laughter is a profound expression that springs from the subtext of a myriad of feelings that culminate in our joy for living. Until these feelings are synthesized, they remain dormant whereby Dante, that sommo poeta (supreme poet) is our courtly guide. Until we synthesize all of our feelings and experiences in life, Dante does not introduce us to his lovely Beatrice. Dante refers to the journey as the divine comedy for a reason. 

Like history, humor comes from tradition and memory, which is what allows the Muses to be referred to as the daughters of Mnemosyne. Thalia, the muse of comedy, is a joyous flourishing. 

Laughter arises out of this joyous flourishing. A time in our lives when we are growing, thriving, and prospering. After winter comes spring. Laughter is not the flaunting of ones prosperity and evolution, but rather a celebration of life after the defeat of conflict. 

The comedic artist is akin to Dante's Beatrice, who gives us reasons to love life. Expressing the impetus of our soul toward infinity, eternity, toward boundless truth, and peace and love; the comedic artist fills our hearts with existence. 

Humor and laughter are essential to a dynamic unfolding of life, first in their elementary function of exfoliating feelings, then to the advancement and maintenance of well-being, as well as to the spark that bursts forth from us, enveloped in creativity's flame. 

Laughter is a safeguard to the balance of emotional needs we have to heal the pain, sadness and depression that debilitates us, weakens our forces, and hinders our progress. Laughter is the vital reinforcement, courage, soothing and calming expression progress requires. 

Laughter is not fashioned entirely out of delight. The felt significance of pleasure and pain, remorse and satisfaction, despair and joy, contentment and disappointment, chagrin, and a simple lightness of being are all carried by aesthetic enjoyment. 

In simple terms, *aesthetic enjoyment is the enjoyment of being alive! 

*Anna-Teresa Tyminiecka, Enjoyment
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