Saturday, October 6, 2012

Believe You Can Laugh

Laugh loudly and carry a pair of 3D glasses 

The frontal lobe of our brain is associated with numerous behavioral characteristics and triggers, a sense of hope, piece of mind, creativity, identity... it allows us to predict the outcome of our beliefs: I find what I seek.

If we see the world as "funny" we find humor everywhere. If we see the world as "peaceful" we find peace everywhere. If we see people of the world as "nice" and "interesting" and "enjoyable to be around" we interact as such. 

Believing you can laugh is less about the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body and more about belief. If you find the world funny, you simply produce varying degrees of physical artifacts that resemble the insight: The World is Funny. This insight leads to effortless laughter, spontaneous giggles, genuine smiles, and relaxed enthusiasm. 

Only when we wish to experience seriousness, sadness, or despair do we focus on those things which inspire these feelings within us. 

Basically, whatever we want, we can find. So, like me, laugh and smile easily, allow me to share with you a few images that made me laugh or otherwise smile. 

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