Friday, June 24, 2011

Sharing Humor

"I need..." 

So much in life is about getting our own needs met. It's easy to get into this mode, after all, we're with ourselves 24/7. I suppose it makes sense because at the basic level all we have is ourselves. 

But what if we want more people in our lives? There's a concept in theatrical acting that states: "Make your partner look good, and you will look good." This is true onstage as it is in relationships, business, and in life. 

Over the last 20 years, I have been actively engaged business dealings, either serving as a CEO, board member, Chairman of the Board, or senior exec. I realized early on in my career, which started when I was 9 years old (leaf-raking business) that the programs which worked the best were the ones that were all about the customers. It's seems like a no-brainer, but really, it's astonishing how often this point is missed altogether. 

Positive reactions are what make the world go round "smoother". Like Luis Miguel's Suave, I love coasting through life's ups and downs, without changing my trajectory radically, even if the world does. When we are focused on negativity, that's all we encounter in life. It's like we're setting ourselves up for failure. Alternatively, when we're focused on positive outcomes, that's what we find. 

I am focused entirely on humor. I look for it everywhere. It's like the humor bug caught hold of me and I refuse to let it go! The reactions I once suffered that matched negative energetic exchanges are dwindling away to nothing, leaving in their place, instead, an opportunity to tell a joke. Things that normally irritate me are now funnier than ever. Both the people irritating me and my reaction.

I believe we all need to share the positive aspects of life that make the less than positive aspects more bearable, if not funny. I hope to find the perfect path to bring more humor to the world, to the global community. I'd like to hear from you, dear reader, to know what you think is funny, to share with me the funniest jokes and stories you've ever heard so I can in turn share them with the world. I want to make humor readily accessible and while a blog may not be the best venue in which to do it, it's a start. 

Please email your favorite jokes, stories, puns, and silly experiences to me at in the meantime, I'll be spinning in my chair - because it's fun!

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