Saturday, October 6, 2012

Honest Humor

Communication and Humor
by Dineh Davis

"Scholars from a variety of disciplines are well represented in this volumen and have traced the origins of humor and its well-established theories developed through many centuries of philosophizing and conducting field and experimental research. My task is to focus on the issues of humor as they relate to human communication needs and desires. Given our vantage point in early twenty-first century, I am delighted to have the paradigmatic excuse to summarize the knowledge in this field from a fundamentally post-modernist perspective. However, my intention in presenting my findings in this manner is primarily self-serving and a reiterative reflection of the paradoxes inherent in the topic of humor. Suffice it to say that I believe humor theories tell us more about the theoreticians' own perspective on life and their attitudes toward other humans than they do about humor itself. Humor, therefore, is simply a manifestation of a person's outlook on life; and by extension, the following are my subjective ruminations on this topic and may, therefore, tell you more about this writer than about humor."

Davis' introduction is refreshingly honest. Here's a few comics that I think convey a similar spirit. 


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