Monday, August 15, 2011

The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network

Welcome to 
The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network

Life gotcha down? 
Dread going to work? 
Not sure if you even remember how to dream of a better future? 

Don't worry...

We're here to help!
The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network

We care about YOU! 

At The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network, we tackle some of the most common causes of unhappiness, and we show you what you're doing wrong so you can be like us... HAPPY! 

Here at The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network we KNOW that you are suffering and that you'll pay just about any amount of money to have someone end that misery. 

We're READY to take your MONEY and give you the life YOU always IMAGINED you could have! 

ILLUSIONS are our specialty! 

Just take a look through the testimonials of our SATISFIED CUSTOMERS...

"Before I came to The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network, my life was in shambles. I was slaving away at a job I couldn't stand. Our house was overflowing with junk that we bought to make our lives feel meaningful, and yet, we were always broke and our house was a mess because we ran out of places to put all the stuff we bought. I had a perfectly good iPad sitting on my desk that I didn't even use, and on top of everything, I was completely miserable. All that changed THANKS to The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network." 

Bored Stiff, Nebraska resident

"I had an ordinary doghood. Lazy days spent digging in the back yard with my father, the respected Canine paleontologist. Chasing cars with my 22 brothers and sisters. Stealing bacon from the little humans in our house. Life was great, until one day they came and took all my brothers and sisters away and my parents sent me to the canine police academy. I was devastated. We were all one big happy family, then, POOF! Gone! Before I came to The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network, I was desperately chasing my own tail, but NOW, THANKS to The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network, I'm rolling over, playing dead, and standing on my tiptoes like Perrico, Elizabeth I's little dog!" 

Sir Yorick, Canine Police Dog

"I dreaded going to the mailbox. My job had been outsourced when the U.S. Postal Service decided to digitize government mail services and reroute them through China. Everyone in the Unemployment line, except for me, had a Ph.D. How was a working stiff like me supposed to get a job? Even Taco Bell demanded that I be fluent in Spanish. Terminator Spanish didn't count. Then, I found The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network and all my problems vanished. THANKS to The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network, I'm HAPPY to be ME again!" 

Ben, U.S. Postal Worker

"During my Life Between Lives Therapy Session, I discovered that all my unhappiness was due to the fact that I had been repeating the same mistakes, lifetime after lifetime. Shirley MacClaine would not return my calls, even though I was her Number #1 Fan. A friend of mine told me about The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network, and I decided to give it a try. Within 1 day of starting my program, I felt lighter, had less possessions to hinder me, and was finally ready to be FREE and LET GO! THANKS to The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network, MY LIFE IS BETTER and I'M FREE of unnecessary material possessions like stocks, bonds, and cold hard cash." 

Fred, Former Wall Street Analyst

"My life was in the dumps. The kids had all grown-up. Apparently, no one wants to go to college in our town so they can live at home rent-free. My husband worked, golfed, watched TV, and worked in the garden. I never saw him, and when I did, we never knew what to say to each other. I got to the point that I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning and started taking sleeping pills, to which I became addicted. Life was pure misery, but THAT all CHANGED when I found The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network. It was 2:30 a.m. and I was watching Late, Late, Late Night, Early Morning Television when an infomercial came on... I was DESPERATE so I called. Their operator's were so friendly, I knew at that instant that they could cure all my ills and make me happy. THANKS to The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network, I'm glowing with radiance and my husband no longer watches TV, no longer golfs, and has hired a gardner. He's taken up a 2nd job to pay for my therapy programs, but it's worth every penny!" 

Susan, Former Bored Housewife

"I was a therapist in private practice. I had to work a 2nd job because most people don't want to pay for therapy. One day I had an epiphany of my own. It wasn't just my clients who were BONKERS, it was the whole world! I might as well check into therapy myself. I researched the Internet and couldn't decide. Then one of my friends on Facebook posted a link to The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network and I knew in an instant this was the place for me. My problems were solved. I finally had someone to listen to MY PROBLEMS, even the boring, mundane ones that nobody but me cares about! The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network CHANGED MY LIFE, and now, I'm no longer licensed, no longer certified, I'm a HAPPY patient and I have The FEEL GOOD Therapy Network to THANK for that!" 

Dr. Oz, Retired Television Psychologist

"My kids got me hooked on Apple. We had MacBook Pros, iPhones, iPods and iPads, every generation. Every time we bought something from the Apple Store, they came out with a better model a month or two later. I was going insane. I just couldn't keep up! To make matters worse, some of my iPod apps didn't work on my new iPad, so I had to pay to download them again. And right when I thought that Apples couldn't get a virus, my hardrive crashed! That was the beginning of the end for me. When I found The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network, I was at my wit's end. They showed me the way. Their program costs slightly more than ALL THOSE COMPUTERS AND GADGETS combined, but it was well-worth it. Now, I'm not buying into all that technology business, I know where my mind and my money belong, invested in ME! THANKS to The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network, I'm happy and not overburdened by toys." 

Mr. Jones, The FEEL GOOD Psychology Network neighbor

"Those who can dry our tears, and force reluctant smiles to trembling lips, are more precious to us, if the truth be told, than all the statesmen and the generals of brainy people, even the great artists. For they ease the agony of life a little, and make us even imagine the possibility of being happy."  

Paul Johnson, Humorists, xxvii
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