Saturday, February 11, 2012

High Praise For Sophly Laughing

"The most important humor blog ever published." 
- Random blog reader

"At least as smart as everyone else." 
- Person who clicked "like"

"The blog has a lot of photos." 
- Photobucket contributing editor

"The author goes off on a multitude of tangents." 
- Tangent Hunter

"Peachy keen humor. I love every, er... joke." 
- Sophy's Mom

"I build much better sand castles than the ones depicted herein." 
-Grandpa Lenny

"My mom think's that she's funny." 
- Teenager who lost their allowance

"My mom IS funny!"
- Teenager who got a raise in their allowance

"I think my girlfriend is flirting with random strangers on the Internet." 
- Ex-boyfriend 

"We think she's lost her mind, but we like where she travels." 
- Global Nomads 

"Free speech stinks!" 
- Humor blogger who lost hits when Sophy published her blog

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