Friday, February 24, 2012

Errands - The Magazine For the Errand's Life Style

Errands are short, quick trips aimed at accomplishing a specific purpose, such as to buy something, deliver a package, pick-up dry cleaning, or convey a message. 

There's an art to running errands and at ERRANDS we're the best! 

It's difficult to be in two places at once. Who wants to pay bills? I surely do not. Who wants to wait around all afternoon for the cable company? Not me! What about wrap all those gifts at Christmas time? Forget it!  If you, like me, do not enjoy going to the Post Office, having your Oil Changed, making dinner reservations, or going to the florist, simply CALL US TODAY and hire a Personal Errand Assistant! 

A Personal Errand Assistant is often times your best bet for getting all those things done in time to enjoy what's left of the weekend. Rather than rushing around all day Saturday and Sunday to get your Errands done, simply click on our ERRANDS SERVICE TAB and discover how much more energie and time you'll have for yourself, your family, and your friends! 


New Errands You Never Considered

Errands Around the World

Things to Do Before You Run Errands
(a checklist)


Plus lots, lots more! 

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