Thursday, February 9, 2012

Humor Facts

As a society, we are concerned about what we put in our bodies. Accordingly, we are now in the habit of reading nutrition labels on food before we buy it. The same concept should apply for our daily intake of humor. Before you read something humorous from the Internet, a book, magazine, or newspaper, know ahead of time what you're getting into. 

Pretty labels and fancy advertising do not make a blog worth reading. Look at how glamorous cigarette advertising once was (and still is in some places). Irrespective of all the hype, blogs low in content are quickly disregarded. 

A humorous diet rich in a number of categories is often most appreciated by people. My posts fall into one of the following categories represented in the Humor Facts label at the top of this post. Total nonsense makes up approximately 9% of this blog. The amount of nonsense you choose to absorb on any given day is entirely up to you and your humor caloric intake needs.  This is particularly important to know when you look for things to make you laugh. 

Reading humor labels does not prevent you from laughing at nonsense, even if it is not your favorite subject matter. While nonsensical humor may not be the healthiest brand of humor on the market, every now and again, exploring it should give you confidence that the BALANCE between making perfect sense and making absolutely no sense at all is important to maintaining a healthy sense of sensibility - and humor. So pamper your humor taste buds and soak up some humor today. I hope this label helps you choose wisely. 

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