Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lady Gaga's Positive Self-Talk

Lady Gaga's Positive Self-Talk

"Look for the good!" 

No matter how many positive pictures we see, positive quotes we read, and positive things we say to make ourselves and others feel better, there are days when motivation is not so easy to come by. One negative (or perceived negative) response from another person can make us feel vulnerable and then grumpy, frustrated, and downright oozy with unhappiness! 

However, the thoughts we think and the things we tell ourselves are important tools we can utilize to increase our motivation and continuing dedication to feeling good. 

So, what is POSITIVE self-talk? 

Imagine if you will that last night you tossed and turned in your sleep as you dreamt of being a rock star at a concert! The music was blaring, heads were banging, and the crowd was cheering! 

You wake up in the morning and look like this:

NEGATIVE Self-Talk: "My hair looks awful! Look at all these tangles." 


POSITIVE Self-Talk: 

"I rocked that concert! I wonder if there's a stamp on my hand? Hmmm, no, darn, must have rubbed off when I went crowd surfing - Sweet!" 

Lady Gaga Crowd Surfing at Lollapalooza, 2010

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