Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How To Pass A Memory Test

Experts say that the key to intelligence may be the ability to remember many things at once. So, how do we improve fluid intelligence and simultaneously facilitate scientific learning? 

The Handy-Dandy
Is-Your-Brain-Awake Test!

1. Remember this name and address: 

     John Doe
     8925 Central Street
     Boston, MA

2. Remember these words: shop, common, eat

3. What did you wear yesterday and the day before? 

4. List the past five United States presidents. 

5. List four state capitals. 

7. List four kinds of birds. 

8. List four teachers you had in school. 

9. Who are the current vice president, secretary of state, and speaker of the house? 

10. Write down the three words you were asked to remember at the beginning of the quiz. 

11. Write down the name and address you were asked to remember at the beginning of the quiz. 


Give yourself 1 point for each piece of information you remembered (count each address line as a point)

If you scored: 

27 - 30     Your mind is a steel trap

20 - 26     Yeah, whatever

13 - 19     Uh, what was that again?

0 - 12     Consider a professional evaluation


1. √ (Got it!) 
2. √ (Got it!) 
3. Salmon, sushi
4. Georgie, Billy, Georgie, Ronnie, Jimmy
5. Clothes, clothes
6. CA, CA, CA, CA
7. Red bird, yellow bird, green bird, blue bird
8. 1st grade teacher, 2nd grade teacher 3rd grade teacher, 4th grade teacher
9. Joey, Hillary, Johnny
10. shop, common, eat
11. John Doe; 8925 Central Street, Boston, MA


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