Friday, September 30, 2011

Wall Street Conspiracy - Blame it on the Kids!

Conspiracies are everywhere!

I knew the Junior Illuminati would make a play for Wall Street! 
The New World Order isn't happy. 
The Ufologists have found Strangers Among Them lurking about...

Calling all GRoWn-UpS! 

Save us from the evil black ops scientist who is using hypnosis to alter our collective memory and perception of history.

Today, we do not remember the 70s Stock Market Crash...

In the 70s, we did not remember the 1930s Great Depression...

In the 1930s, we had forgotten all about the Panic of 1907...

When the book, 1984, leaked out to the public, we took literary notice...

 When Wikileak leaked, we brushed it under the rug, that's where...

Today, we are living in a time in history where we expose conspiracies every second of every day on Twitter. We know we have been brainwashed into being "too" accepting of mainstream mediocrity broadcasted to us day and night by the secretly-run government agency, otherwise know as: The Media. 

Today, conspiracy has become synonymous with "Wall Street." 

Hearing the word instantly makes us cringe, panic, and take to the street

What next? 

The you-know-what will hit the fan, 
break loose, 
and head back to the Junior Illuminati's secret hideout 
at Area 51! 

Only to discover, 
that it was this kid
all along....

Head of the Junior Illuminati
Steal Your Lunch Money 
Terrorist Group

That's what we get for asking our kids to fix our computers

Install our DVR systems

Program our cell phones

Upload and download videos from YouTube

Program our GPS's

Design our websites

Sync our Blackberries

and balance our online banking system...

No wonder they can afford all those new iPads!


Don't let your kids read your 
Quantum Physics Books!!!

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