Saturday, June 4, 2011

10 Ways To Incorporate More Playtime or Humor into The Adult Life

*This List Has Been Compiled In Completely Random Order

1. Publish your resumé in 3D
2. Befriend Fictional Characters on Facebook
3. Beg Outside Whole Foods
 4. Watch Cartoons While You Work
5. Host A Coffee Drinking Contest At Work

6. Freak Out Your Friends and Family 
By Apologizing for Something You Didn't Do
 7. Tell Your Kids That You've Really Grown Being Their Parent
Now, Ask Your Kids Lots of Questions
 8. Blame More Things On Nature
 9. Dress Like Your Grandpa For Your Next BIG Meeting
 10. Keep It Simple Stupid
 *Please note: This joke in no way implies that lawyer's are stupid

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