Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Homeschooling Comedy of Errors and Adventures

There are NO tests on the Road Less Traveled


I am a globetrotting, homeschooling mother of two teenagers, ages 13 and 16. I manage households in three countries and in addition to our two cats and dog, we recently acquired a new puppy to serve as future hubby for our beautiful Ms. Fia. Naturally, she want's nothing to do with him. 

In addition to my 16-hour daily lifestyle, I recently took up blogging, for which I get up 2 hours early each day - and the clincher, I joined Facebook - at this point I have to schedule my "thinking" sessions because I run on pure automatic pilot. 

The other day, I considered starting an Overcommitters Anonymous group, we meet next Wednesday between Music Theory and Plan Dinner & Entertainment Before Evening Work Activities, which of course leads to the final hour of enjoying Mindless TV viewing.

I regret to inform you that I may have to reschedule the Overcommitters Anonymous Welcome to the Group Meeting as I just received a courtesy text message reminding me that I have a hair appointment at that time. I'll have to have my secretary get back to you as to when I can reschedule or whether I will have to send someone else in my place. 


With my brain about to explode, I have taken it upon myself to homeschool two highly gifted students. Today, they are enrolled in a University-based Young Scholar's Program for which I pay the equivalent University fee per course as well as take it upon myself to deliver each course to eager young minds. 

My children regret to inform you that they cannot make it to the Overcommitters Anonymous Welcome to the Group Meeting. My daughter stated that due to the fact that she is presently enrolled in 9 courses, studying for her high school exit exam, teaching Pre-Algebra to her younger brother, blogging, drawing, and creating logos, videos, and original works of art for private companies that she regrettably cannot attend. 

My son stated that due to the fact that he is presently enrolled in 7 courses at the University, busy blogging and creating videos for his budding film company, and because he is at present, working on a piece to enter into a film festival, that he cannot attend. Please email him upcoming dates and he will get back to us with written confirmation as to when he can attend in the future. 

Paperwork, accounts, accountants, CPA's, colleagues, employees, contractors for three countries. I'm tired merely thinking about the pertinent details of my life, sans the work involved in executing these tasks. 

I quit! 
I am simplifying! 

I recently scheduled a week-long "thinking" session for myself. The children have been taking non-stop tests, drawing, writing, and enjoying their photography hobby while I analyze the Theory of Simplification. 

Wholeheartedly embracing this theory, I "thought" for two days, then rested two days, then began processing the pile of tasks on my To-Do List. Within a week, there will be double the tasks if I do not hold an Overcommitters Intervention for myself. 

Did I mention that I have been analyzing Educational Reform since 2008 and have designed a new educational model for my children. I filed our Private School Affidavit this week and am preparing files from the university, the kids' school in Paris, and all their test scores for transfer to our new school. 

Soon we will be free! 
Free of a few of the RIDICULOUS mindsets & systems that slow us down! 

If we ever get off the Road Less Traveled there will be nothing but tests to greet us, tests for which they can study for later if they want to leave this road. For now, we're not on a hurry. The final destination isn't all that exciting, it's the road where you find your greatest adventures.  


Why take tests for someone else's road?


If you're on the Road Less Traveled, quit looking back 

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