Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sophy's Humor Program

Sophy's Humor Program

#1: Start off on a Funny Foot

It's important to get your participants' attention from the moment they walk through the door. Welcoming guests on a funny note allows them to laugh, smile, or chuckle while they settle into the room. Staging funny props that can be encountered as one visually scans the room gets participants' initial attention while allowing those who are less than willing "laughters" to encounter "funny" on their own terms and at their own pace. These props can also be referenced later on in your training session. 

Funny props sets your program off on a high note and relieves nervous tension participants might be experiencing about their own sense of humor (or lack thereof) while clearly conveying the message, "We're here to have some fun!" 

#2: Generic Funnisms

Even the most meticulously planned events can experience some hiccups. Having a number of prepared jokes to defuse unexpected situations or speaker faux pas' allows attendees to laugh spontaneously. In comedy, timing is everything. 

#3: Include Participants

Each conference group has them - funny people who steal the crowd's attention with a witty or cleverly delivered remark that gets the crowd roaring. This is exactly what you want! Set the stage for increased group laughter by planning activities (such as improv or other team building games) that allow people to move about, laugh, and joke more freely. Laughter brings people closer together, which in turn encourages people to participate. The activity is effortless when your audience is engaged, laughing, smiling, and enjoying the overall experience. 

Humor programs will become a recognized profession when jokes are made about the practitioners...

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Trenchantly-insightful advice!
You possess a uniquely-beautiful Heart & Brain & Soul!
You are the best of the nest, Dr. Laughing!!
Thank you for your Labor of Love on behalf of the betterment of humanity!!!

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