Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anime Jokes

You Know You're Addicted to Anime

You can sing songs from your favorite shows, in Japanese, even though you don't speak Japanese. 

You actually get these jokes and email them to your friends who are also addicted to anime. 

You think that falling flat on your back with your legs in the air is a normal reaction to big news. 

You say "Itadakimasu!!" before you eat. 

You try to read every book from right to left. 

If you get upset with your teacher, you draw her as an anime demon cat. 

You perform canon ball dive into a pool while yelling "Spirit Bomb!" 

You can't wait for winter so you can wear your Panda Hat!

You redecorate your room to reflect your style, maturity, and personal identity. 

This is your backpack

You use the term "Kawaii" for describing everything. 

You know that the characters in Howl's Moving Castle were much nicer in the movie than in the book. 

You own most of these toys.

You have Bento Box thumb drives.

You doodle Japanese characters on your notebooks. 

You can watch two anime shows in the same room at the same time and still have the TV off. 

You try to convince your friend that 'cat ears' and 'tails' really do look good on her. 

You tell your parents you need to stay up late to save the colonies. 

The employees at Gamestop know you and tell you the moment you walk through the door whether or not they've gotten in a new shipment of anime DVD's. 

You know which anime volumes you're missing and write them down on a piece of paper that you keep in your wallet, just in case you pass by the Used Bookstore. 

You Photoshop your pictures with super large eyes. 

You imagine random battles erupting everywhere you go. 

You dream of attending Tokyo U. 

You know the names of all the best Fan Art artists. 

You know that Fan Art comes out before the official translations. 

You and your friends flash peace signs and take funny pictures when you are happy. 

You pay $25 for a plastic anime tag to show off at school. 

When you're washing dishes, you yell out "SUPAH WAVE SMASHUH!"


You add "na no da" to the end of all your sentences.

You take a break from reading anime to go to your computer and download anime, while simultaneously reading this post on anime jokes.  

You know how long it takes to load anime videos online and open 20 windows worth of different episodes so you can watch them back-to-back after dinner. 

You call yourself "otaku." 

You always have your hair covering your left eye and are always flipping it so you look like an anime character. 

You call your parents Oka-san and Otou-san. 

To resolve conflicts, you insist on a duel. 

You run out of space on your computer because your hard drive is filled with anime pics, music, giff pictures, and videos. 

You post a tutorial on YouTube on how to Photoshop anime drawings...

You're an expert on Googling "free stuff" - in particular, free anime downloads and images. 

You remember watching Kiki's Delivery Service back in the days when it was on VHS.

You think that you should be allowed to take your cat and fly on a magic broom all the way to Stockholm, where you'll no doubt meet a nice woman who offers you a job and a place to live in the meantime you consume massive amounts of pancakes and complete your witches training.

You imagine seeing teardrops over peoples' heads when they get embarrassed. 

You start wearing ties to school. 

You say "wOOp" after every sentence.

Someone mentions a country by name, and you immediately think of its corresponding character.

You save your old Anime badges and program books as keepsakes (besides, they're autographed).

You take up cooking and all your dishes end up looking like anime art: 

Happy 16th Birthday, Shenn-san! 
We love you! 

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