Sunday, December 11, 2011

Play it Forward

Our brains like to play. Research indicates that positive emotional states can affect our amygdalas (a part of the limbic system connected to the temporal lobe). There is evidence that demonstrates multiple benefits of the dopamine release that accompany the expectation of an intrinsic reward. 

Playing allows us to rise to higher levels of learning and joy, especially when we play in a cooperative manner. Playing increases our energy, curiosity, concentration, exceptional memory for details (now, what was I saying?), empathy, openness, perceptiveness, and divergent thinking. 

Playing allows us to become more self-reliant at any age, it allows us to express our feelings, and helps us remain mindful of our thinking and decision making processes. It also increases our tolerance for stick-in-the-mud's. 

Sharing is what makes playing especially fun. If you're looking for a way to play or hoping to bring playfulness into someone else's life, then here's a few ideas. 

2. (I decided to skip #1 just for the heck of it): Liven up ordinary objects. 

17. Wear funny sneakers with a business suit. 

83. Bring Play-Doh to a business meeting and sculpt your ideas in front of your colleagues. 

-22. Submit all formal business reports in the form of a scrapbook. 

33. Send yourself love notes. 

1734. Make rainbows out of your extra Play-Doh and leave them in your colleagues coffee cups in the break room. 

*144. Go to Uhaul and buy a giant box. Decorate it with your kids. 

7. Play checkers with chocolate pieces you can eat. 

16. Let stuff drip. 

992. Give your friend a big ol' SMOOCH! 

15. Make toys out of things you find around the house and give them a happy face. 

16. Figure out how to work Photoshop so you can make photos that look like they defy the laws of physics. 

19. Always remember to play it safe, put up warning signs near dangerous objects. 

2876. Treat yourself to a mid-laugh crisis. Write on your hands and feet with ink! Mom probably won't mind now that you're a grown-up. 

3. Decorate with happy pillows. 

333333333. Doodle on your bills. 

1. Teach your dog to meditate. 

0. Distribute Goof-Off Awards. 

%. Stare at a Mood Ring until it changes colors. 

@. Learn how things are made. 

964209. Read the news with Silly Putty. 

624. Adorn your artwork with buttons and recycled toys.

#1. Subscribe to my blog! 


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