Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nano Tattoos

By Invitation Only

The Good-For-You Tattoo

Exclusively yours
The Spa at Northeastern University

The Spa at Northeastern University offers a variety of revitalizing experiences that will soothe your body and soul. Ancient, healing combined with cutting-edge nano sciences technology will nourish and refine your skin texture in ways you've yet to imagine...

No more will our sweeter-than-sweet clients have to endure the agonizing finger arrest to know whether or not they may partake of our exquisite treats. 

Our Zen practitioners will step forth and usher you into the field of all possibilities where our amazing nanosensors will be softly injected into an outer layer of your skin. While at The Spa, you will enjoy a magnificent display of fluorescent, rainbow-colored particles as you simply wave your preferred Smart Phone Device over your arm for a reading of your glucose levels. 

The essence of new opportunities await

The fluorescent particles in the epidermal layer of your skin will glow - and even change color - as glucose levels fluctuate. For our younger guests, we offer stylish and sassy OPI nail products to match your glucose color reading! 

For a relaxing and exhilarating experience, our sodium level checking nano tattoos work in harmony to restore the body to a state of calm and balance. This soothing, energizing experience is met with our Rose Petal water, which will ensure your skin is restored to a smooth, refreshed, hydrated state.  Thanks to Clark's nano tattoos, exclusively at The Spa at Northeastern University, your body find its calm center... 

Our signature blend of pure relaxation and customized nano tattooing experiences will align your Chakra centers and clear out stagnant energie in the body. Clark's remarkable nano tattoos can be customized with your preferred journey or spiritual awakening in mind, which will leave you feeling thoroughly renewed, rejuvenated, and calm. 


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