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Morris Kellog on Catvertising

What does the best cutting-edge thinking on catvertising strategy from the renowned Morris Kellog School of Management at Northcats University think of catvertising? 

Referred to by some as "The Rise of the Planet of Cats," the phenomenon of catvertising is sweeping the Internet world. Experts from Northcats University, the institution founded by Morris the Cat, otherwise known as "the Clark Gable of cats," tells us that the rise in cat fame is due to the inherent superiority of cats everywhere uniting under their common sense of superior identity. 

Conventional catvertising emphasized the following: 
  • Organize by brand name
  • Focus on tasty treats
  • Judge food by its signature label
  • Focus on satisfying all cats
  • Humans do the marketing
  • Build brands primarily through traditional catvertising (advertising to their humans)
  • Emphasize cat acquisition
  • Measure cat satisfaction
  • Over-promise cats to get the order
  • Make the company a unit of cat analysis

Today there is a NEW catvertising paradigm emerging with the following elements:

  • Organize by cat speciality (jumping, chasing laser dots, running on treadmills, etc.)
  • Focus on cats 9lifetime value 
  • Look at catvertising metrics as well as financial ones
  • Focus on satisfying a cat's need for napping
  • Ask kids what they think of the cat's YouTube video
  • Invite audience to view videos for free on YouTube
  • Emphasize cat superiority
  • Ask Jupiter, The Talking Cat all you want to know
  • Watch this video (and remember, cats cherish home movies, too. Open them up an email account today.)
  • Cats have been worshiped as gods...and will not allow anyone to forget this ... adopt one today! 

KittyGetty Photos, Tea for Kitties

The bottom line is that cats are evolving faster than catvertising. Today most catvertising strategies are obsolete. The intense pace of cats evolvement is throwing humans into a state of confusion as to proper strategy. To protect profits (and couches), humans have primarily responded by dumping cats off at the pound or worse...but thanks to the surge of positive reactions to Cats on YouTube, cats everywhere are helping humans rethink their wasteful strategies with the adoption of a sound catvertising program.

The rise in technological connectivity and emergence of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social marketing platforms has empowered pet lovers everywhere to target the marketers. The mousey executives are now being chased! 

Humans need to fundamentally rethink the process by which they identify, realize, communicate, deliver, and recapture cat affection. They need to pamper, feed, and play with cats to recapture the magic that the earliest humans worshipped. 

The NEW Catvertising Market is posing a whole new set of questions to humans everywhere. Can we create a Cattopian world by uniting cats with humans vis-à-vis Youtube? What can catvertising do for your business? How many cats can a corporation own and still provide them with excellent care and opportunity for Internet fame? 

Learn what the Catsperts have to say on this topic and more in our upcoming article:  Top Catvertising Strategies.


Morris Kellog School of Management at Northcats University was founded by Morris the Cat.

Morris the Cat (voiced by John Irwin of Masters of the Universe), was the advertising mascot for Heinz's 9Lives brand cat food since 1968, and is credited with "writing" three books on cat care. Morris ran in the 1988 and 1992 presidential elections on the Finicky Party platform, campaigning for cats everywhere to enjoy a standard of nutrition - by eating 9Lives, of course.

The epitome of the spoiled, pampered pet, Morris the Cat appeared on the 9Lives packaging and in many of the company's television commercials. This fifteen-pound orange-striped tabby with dark green eyes was "the world's most finicky cat"  So finicky that every can of 9Lives was required to feature Morris' "signature"as a sign of the company's commitment to quality cat food. 

Morris appeared in the movie Shamus (1973); and was the subject of a book "Morris: An Intimate Biography (1974) by Mary Daniels. In the 1980s, Morris the Cat authored books "The Morris Approach: an insider's guide to cat care" (1980), "The Morris Method" (1980), about new pet owners, and "The Morris Prescription" (1986) about cat healthcare. Morris appeared on the cover of Cat Fancy's 30th Anniversary Issue in 1995 and on the cover of the 1996 book Good Housekeeping by Ilene Hochberg

In 1983, Time Magazine declared Morris "The Feline Burt Reynolds," US Magazine called Morris the 'Animal Star of the Year' (1982-84). Morris was also the recipient of a number of awards including PATSY (The Picture Animal Top Star Award) from the American Human Society (1972 & 1973) and The Cats' Meow Award bestowed by the New York Animal Medical Center in 1992. In 1991, Morris hosted "Morris' Salute to America's Pets," a primetime TV special sponsored by Heinz Pet Products that spotlighted great pet relationships and deeds. 

Morris reigned as King of the Kitty commercials from 1968 until his death in 1975. He was replaced by cattor "Harry the Cat."  The current Morris the Cat happily resides near Hollywood with his handler and companion. 

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