Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mother Buddha Advice

"I swear to you on a stack of Bibles," as my mother would say, that my own mother just might be Buddha reincarnated because in our house, it was she who invented, in her infinite wisdom, the Tao of Change, the Te of Table manners, and the Zen of Homework. Even if you were in deep do-do in our house, you could always count on mom to have an extra roll of TP on standby...cause ya never know!

"Always make sure you have on clean underwear, you never know if you'll end up in an accident and at the hospital." 
Mother, 1978. 

"Don't be afraid of the dark, neon scares away monsters." 

"The one thing no one can ever take away from you is a good education." 
Mother, 1979

"If you think you've got it rough now, just wait until you grow-up." 
Mother, 1981

"The toilet paper roll will not change itself." 
Mother, 1984

"Always keep plenty of reading material in the bathroom, it's good for your brain." 
Mother, 1985

"Money doesn't grow on trees, you know." 
Mother, 1985

"Turn down those earphones or you'll go deaf." 
Mother, 1986

"You better do your homework or you'll end up working at McDonalds." 
Mother, 1987

"Always keep matches or an air freshener in your bathroom for guests, you wouldn't want to embarrass them now, would you?" 
Mother, 1988

"I'm teaching you how to do these chores because I love you. 
You might have to pick up after yourself someday." 
Mother, 1989

"Good, loving, appreciative kids with manners grow up and call their mother every day." 
Mother, 1990

When my mother reads this post...
"March yourself to your computer and delete that from your blog right now, young lady, or you'll be in deep shit when your father comes home from the hospital today." 
Mother, 2012

I dedicate this post to my mom who is at the hospital waiting for my dad to come out of surgery. It might be a shitty day, but we'll laugh about it later when dad comes home."



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