Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Mom is a Supermodel

In honor of my mother's 60th birthday
I have compiled a stroll through the memory lane 
of the iconic hairstyles that appear to have influenced hers throughout the years...

Happy Birthday, Mom! 

Lesley (Twiggy)

The girl who hung out in front of the little green store

one of Charlie's angels

My mom's Jazzercize instructor


and Jane

My mom's hairdresser


Jennifer (again)







My grandmother was a gorgeous woman who looked like this when she was young...

She named my mother after an equally gorgeous supermodel of the 1950s, Mary Jane Russell, a favorite of Louise Dahl-Wolfe and Irving Penn

My mother lived up to her namesake and began modeling as a baby. 
She was the runner up for a 1952 Gerber baby contest. 

As a teenager in the 60s, 
my mom "cruised the strip" (10th Street between G and K Streets)
although I'm not certain that my grandmother knew about this???

Growing up in the 1970s with a beautiful mother who appeared on television advertisements
was VERY cool!

and lucrative...

many of my teachers, over the years, wanted to date my mom
which made negotiating my grades
a far easier task


a few may have been disappointed
when they discovered that I was not directly involved 
in my negotiating my mother's dating life

Nevertheless, we moved on
and Mom stayed in great shape with running and Jazzercise! 

Once my brother and I were slightly more self-sufficient
My mom took up toll painting

and then oil painting

My home is filled with my mother's beautiful oil paintings


They are my most prized artifacts

I'm proud to say that my mother has provided support, encouragement, and compassion to many people battling cancer...


And has dedicated the better part of her professional career to an organization that cures people of cancer, and that works diligently toward raising awareness and finding a cure for a disease that has touched both our lives...

Even though my mom was truly destined for the glittering lights of Hollywood

or achieving her childhood dream of becoming a famous journalist

She chose, instead, to dedicate her life to us

Me (far left), my brother (center), 
and our mom (far right)

My mom is a Supermodel 
on the outside

and the most 
loving and beautiful 
on the inside

Happy Birthday, Mom! 

Love Always,
Sophy Michelle

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