Thursday, April 5, 2012

Humor Sets Your Dogma Free


Ethnic identity is often buttressed by religion, as in the case of many peoples around the world, but it is also touched by nostalgia in many ways. 

Traveling back and forth since the dawn of civilization, immigrants from all over the world have found their worldview, and hence, their sense of humor, changed by individual behavior adjustments to new environments as well as exposure to new cultural patterns. 

Health and social well-being, personified in humor, expresses our cultural and political values, our social and economic achievements, and family status. While such assumptions are commonsensical enough to go unnoticed, they are the subject of humor and thus, part of the environment that shapes self-identity. 

In a time when technological connectivity is bridging the divide between geographies, old dogmas represented in territorial lines of demarcation have made an undeniable shift toward valuing our common human heritage... delighting ourselves as we delve head first into a new environment, a new era, whereby we are all nostalgic immigrants venturing into the land of the unknown. 

Laughing and clicking "like" when the coast is clear 
so that all our friends & neighbors may venture forward with us. 

sets your Dogma Free...

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