Saturday, December 10, 2011

Positive Motivation

Motivation comes from our emotions not our cognitive faculties. It's our emotions that induce and inspire us toward initiative. It's our ability to soothe our feelings that in return gives us that get-up-and-go experience. 

We often hear about motivated people. You know the type, people who overflow with emotion, passion, and enthusiasm. These people often have a strong sense of justice, frequently getting emotional about the ills of the world.  

Positive motivation takes our emotions to new heights. When the focus is on a positive outcome, we're motivated even more to find it. Sometimes it can be the slightest word or praise or recognition that motivates people toward positivity.  Many experiences can yield positivity, even negative ones. In every society, we tell stories of how people overcame negativity and turned their lives around. Without the advent of positivity, that emotional motivation would simply result in complaining about problems rather than resolving them.

I support positive motivation in many ways. One way is by asking others what they want, what would make them happy, and what dreams they would most like to enjoy. My inquires are driven toward helping others find their own positive motivation to make sense of the world and their place in it. 

In a world filled with energetic particles, positivity is palatable. Positive motivation is exhilarating. It allows our many emotions to join together, taking our creative instincts and making them visible to the world. While much of our world is indeed perceived as linear, that golden ratio also exhibits some beautiful energetic curvatures that when explored, contradict negativity and paint the world in bright colors.  

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