Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Stay Grumpy on a Good Hair Day

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball...

Taking a hideous turn for the better, leaving you very little to be angry about, which could make you angrier still. 

Imagine walking up one morning to the best hair day you've ever imagined. 

Yep, this happened to me. 

The only problem is that I have no where interesting to go today. 
In fact, I feel downright lazy. 
I just spent the last 24-hours getting over myself. 
I realized that I'm not always right. 
Despite my immediate desire to argue with that statement. 
My perspective is not the only one. 
Though it is the only one that matters to me. 
The world does not revolve around me. 

I'm not invincible. 
Sometimes I fall short of my goals. 
That's when I rewrite them. 

Some people are way cooler than I am. 
Some people can hold their Yoga poses longer. 
Some people look better in their Yoga clothes and poses. 
Reminder to self: Quit Yoga. 

Some people are more beautiful than I am. 
I don't want my boyfriend to see them. 
Or think about them. 
Or even know they exist. 

(Image purposely left empty)

Some people are smarter than I am. 
I don't ask them what they think of my stick figure drawings. 
They're probably not interested in stick figure drawings anyhow. 

I'm having such a good day. 
This really ticks me off. 

Now, I need to be all like....

I CAN do this! 
I CAN get over myself. 
I'M CONFIDENT in my confidence. 
I'M SECURE in my sense of security. 
I'M NOT SCARED of anything. 
I'M STRONG enough to say I don't need to be strong anymore. 

There has to be room for doubt on a good hair day. 
I mean, why else would we have good hair days? 
How long exactly is a good day supposed to last? 
Oh yeah, don't answer that. 

Someone must have some advice for me on this good hair day. 
Like, what I should do. 
Or think. 
Or more importantly, in front of whom should I show off my lovely locks? 

Hold on, someone's at the door. 

I'm back. 
Nosey UPS delivery girl just complimented me on my good hair day. 
This is getting worse by the second. 

I probably shouldn't take this good hair day too seriously. 
I mean, it will be over soon enough, right? 
At the very least, I should take a photo.

Darn, I forgot to charge my digital camera. 
I wish we still used regular film. 
What am I saying?
I hated regular film! 
It took too long to get developed. 
And it was expensive, even at Costco. 

I think I'm going to try to make myself grumpy.

I hung up sheets over all the mirrors in the house so I wouldn't see my hair. 
And end up smiling to myself. 
Thinking about how good I look. 

I accidentally saw my reflection on the microwave glass door. 
I taped up napkins over the microwave. 

I don't know what to do. 
I think I'll just sit here. 
And hope this good hair day goes away. 

What am I thinking?!?
I need to go out! 
Where should I go? 

I'll go grocery shopping. 
No, that's boring. 
And a lot of work. 
And then, I'd have to come straight back home. 
And put all the groceries away. 
I don't feel like organizing the pantry. 

I know what I'll do.
I'll go back to bed. 

9 hours later...
Not only am I having a bad hair day. 
But, somehow, I turned into a cat? 

Next post: 

How to Stay Happy on a Bad Hair Day...

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