Monday, April 23, 2012

Turning Monday into Sunday's Best

Surviving Mondays starts by getting even with Sunday.

Sunday spends the entire day scheming of things for us to do the moment we wake up on Monday mornings.

Sunday apparently has nothing better to do than to think up of "stuff" to keep us from going outside and having a little fun.

I spent many a miserable Monday trying to keep up with Sunday's nonsensical demands such as the paying bills, the returning phone calls, scheduling appointments, and getting some work done.

That's when I decided to fire Monday! 

I ditched my Monday attitude and Sunday never told me what to do again. 

Monday is now my very own


Edward Q McBeth said...

Monday I'm taking Sophy's advice...YOU'RE FIRED! And as for you Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you'd better get happy quick for you will meet the same fate.

Soph Laugh said...

Great to know, Guru Eduardo. Like you say, TGIM !!!(Thank Goodness It's Monday)