Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Believe in You

Think of the basic human right of believing in others as promised in the Declaration of Getting Along. In the realm of social unity, believing in others keeps with the ideals of enlightenment while simultaneously cultivating one's own character and sense of fairness. 

The Declaration of Getting Along

When in the course of human (or post-human) events it becomes necessary to dissolve the thoughts or actions that prohibit us from connecting with others on higher levels of understanding and reverence for existence, the expression "I believe in you" can be used to balance out any inequality in station in order to publicly acknowledge out of respect for oneself and others that the personal opinions we each independently hold are true until we personally and of our own accord discredit them as being such.

Believing in others is the doctrine whereby the mature, educated, and cultured individual chooses to believe in the success, good intentions, and/or the unique perspectives of others.  Believing in others frees us to expand our insights into new horizons whereby we learn rather than judge what we uncover about the world.

The reality of any situation remains that anyone can make a contradictory claim, anyone can disagree, anyone can make a claim of superiority in any subject matter over which they wish to claim dominion. 

But how few of us can truly claim to have dominion over any thought, even the ones that flow through our own minds? How many of us have gone down that negative highway of reality sputtering pollution that renders opaque and grimy any potential truth found along the way? 

By simply adhering to the age old adage: "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all," anyone can choose to suspend disbelief IN FAVOR OF BELIEF in ourselves and others. 

In the absence of the obsessive need for evidence, we can poise ourselves to uncover more than we ever thought possible. 

When we believe in others for the simple purpose of getting along, 
we always find something good. 

Believing in others helps us all rise to the occasion... 

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