Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Robot Maintenance Salon


At Robotica, we offer robotic maintenance programs that provide our customers with maximum productivity. Our mission is to offer maintenance services that preserve the reliability of each robot's unique system. 

ROBOTICA offers: 
  • Preventive Maintenance services for routine robot maintenance in a pleasant, virtual environment. All services are performed while our customers enjoy virtual experiences of their choosing. One of our most popular virtual service packages include the well-known HWP (Human Workforce Program) where humans work for us. Whatever our customers' maintenance needs, we're here to meet each unique specification. 
  • Preventative Maintenance contracts are a thing of the past. At Robotica, customers are free to walk, fly, hover or transport themselves through our doors - no appointment necessary! 
  • Robot Evaluation services to identify potential failures which might otherwise go undetected by home robotic monitoring systems. A simple routine inspection can be performed while customers wait. 
  • Every customer is given a unique access code that constantly tracks their maintenance progress. When customers are in need of maintenance, they'll receive an automatic update suggestion with an estimated failure date. Automatic appointments will be scheduled for customer convenience. 



  • Complete turnkey service (labor and materials included) 
  • Complete grease purging of each axis, including balancer(s), racks and bearings
  • Accurate metering on grease replacement to protect against over pressure and seal damage
  • Replacement batteries and/or nanobot replacement in controller to prevent loss of software and/or AI anomalies 
  • Replace filters on controllers to provide proper ventilation and heat dissipation
  • Complete backup of system and programs
  • Check master switches
  • Reminder labels added to component controller parts
  • Check for motor slippage
  • Cable inspections (when accessible)
  • Robot cable inspection (if accessible)
  • Mechanical unit inspection (Physical damage, excess backlash, abnormal vibration, etc.)
  • Service assessment based on inspection results 
  • Auto lubrication systems
  • Customized packages for older robot models
  • Maintenance program tailored for each robot 
  • Increased robot longevity and reliability 
  • Reduced potential for breakdowns or permanent failures
  • Reduced risk of upgrade transfer problems associated with non-certified robot maintenance 
  • Data and automatic uplinks to support scheduling of future maintenance work
  • Accurate metering on grease replacement to protect against over pressure and seal damage



  • Backlast testing of mechanical drives to determine if within original manufacture and/or current upgrade specifications
  • Complete internal robot cable inspection
  • Identify potential robot repairs
  • Inspect robot connection cables (if accessible) 
  • Mechanical unit inspection (Physical damage, abnormal vibration, balancer wear, etc.)
  • Robot controller inspection (Fans, heat exchangers, physical damage, etc.)
  • Validation of robot safety circuit functionality
  • Comprehensive report including repair recommendations and robot performance as well as recommended upgrades
  • Identify potential failures before they result in unexpected downtime or loss of AI anomalies 
  • Improved maintenance efficiency 
  • Maximize robot uptime and transferability 
  • Defines future maintenance requirements

At Robotica's, 
we don't just maintain your system, 
we humanize it! 

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