Monday, December 3, 2012

The Nature of Positive Emotions

When particles within a closed system combine into new shapes they lose excess energie; that energie that is not necessary to make up the new shape. The form of each shape only contains the exact amont of energie required to fashion this shape.

This energie can superimposed onto the concept of human emotions, which also travel and combine to form new emotions or shapes (experienced in a new time space location).

Emotions, like action and movement (or human behavior), are a product of the excess energy that arises when mass reluctantly moves from one space to another, which by nature in a closed system must happen in order to have all sum parts equal the nature of existence.

The thing is we can choose which emotion we wish to experience. That emotion will be directly related to similar emotions. The further you get (or more complex you get) away from that emotion will eventually lead you to a new time space location (or emotion).

Whatever emotions surround us (including the ones we feel and express) make up the nature (shape) of the emotions in our time space location within this closed, self-replicating system.

If you do not enjoy the emotions within your time space location and wish to experience other emotions, simply:
  1. Focus on the emotions you wish to experience within yourself and project those outward. 
Those energetic projections will attract similar emotions which strengthen the bonds between like emotions (or similar time space locations) until either a new time space location is created or an existing time space location is strengthened. Excess energie travel on into new directions and can either create new time space locations (where only weak ones existed, therefore attracting new energie to grow) or become assimilated into a larger existing time space location (where a corresponding energie expression or emotion already existed).

Just like when one person feels happy inside, this can travel on to enhance someone else's happiness (it already existed inside and was easily brought to the surface) or create an entirely new space that attracts other energie particles in search of the same energetic experience (emotion).

This is the nature of movement from one time space location to another time space location within a closed system. Therefore, all emotions and all possible truths can be explored simply by considering their movement within existence.

If all possible truths exist within this system, then all possible truths exist within this system.

The fact that we have the capacity to move from one time space location to another indicates that our inherent nature explores one time space location after another simply by imagining its existence.

The positive effects of experience or emotions result in one time space location whereas the negative ones exist elsewhere.

This leads me to consider the following: What if this describes the concept of Heaven? What if Heaven is a place where whatever we do or think we remain in tact. We never not exist even in our many forms.

If we never not exist, we are an eternal principle.

That concept sounds a little like the concept of Heaven to me.

What if... "Vous êtes ici" (You are here) means... 
"We are here." 

Historically, we have sought to define our location in the universe without considering that it is us who collectively make up and ultimately define the nature of the universe.

Therefore, we deduce the following unifying theory:

(Math is a system by which we deduce all possible combinations of how 100% = 100%.)

To suggest that Heaven is outside this 100% is illogical. Heaven was conceived of inside the system. Nothing escapes or enters the system. Nothing in the system is ever lost; it simply moves time space locations causing ripples across the surface of the time space locations it crosses in energie that look like footprints in the sand.

What makes up a footprint is everything surrounding the footprint. 

Just because the size of footprints differ doesn't mean that the nature of what gave rise to the footprints is different. Differences simply describe the observations we have from one time space location applied to our perspective of what life would be like in another time space location.

When we move to that new location, certain emotions (or shapes) must take place internally to mold our present energie configuration into a transmutable pattern that can harmoniously travel into a new time space location.

Therefore, we have to adjust the emotions we allow ourselves to feel in order to experience positivity or negativity, Heaven or Hell.

If you want to experience humility, all corresponding experiences must arise within in order to harmoniously exist as humility within the time space location of humility. If you wish to experience happiness, all corresponding experiences must arise within in order to harmoniously exist within the time space location of happiness. In other words, we shape our emotions and our perspectives by what we choose to experience.

Whether you accept or reject this notion should depend first on your exploring its possibility. If in that exploration you derive a different perspective, this theory remains in tact as it supports the existence of all theories and all possible truths. This theory, from my perspective, mirrors the nature of reality within a closed system.

Of course, this leads me to wonder what would happen if this system sprung a leak? 

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