Thursday, December 20, 2012

Welcome - The Immortality Club

Welcome to The Immortality Club

The world's most anticipated membership club has just opened! Our landmark Earthfront resort blends the charm of the past with the best in modern-day cyber immortality. Home to more than 7 billion members, The Immortality Club services the entire human race, and offers the exclusive opportunity to enjoy life, the sand, the surf, or anything else you enjoy for like, ever

Plus, enjoy complimentary parking and downloadable upgrades with no resort fees. You'll love our 12 championship upgrade courts, par-3 superintelligence smoothies, virtual massage services, simulated beach activities, full-service nanobiological catering, unique virtual meeting spaces, convenient Immortality Tax Planning and award-winning "Wish I still ate cuisine" comedy clubs at the Never Die Laughing Room - all just a few blink in the eye of mortality steps away. 

Start your immortality traditions with The Immortality Club! 


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